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Massive Opportunity Ahead for COVID-19 Plays

One thing you can count on is people getting sick. Now with a laboratory born virus on the loose, heading into colder climes again, with the backdrop of CORONAHOAXERS busting loose without their masks, this winter could very well be a disastrous one for healthcare, worldwide.

Getting ahead of that trade, I think it’s entirely possible all current vaccines be delayed and alternative drug companies get some play here. I have a long list of COVID-19 plays and have made sure to update it as news hit the tape. I find it imperative to my trading to have lists. These lists can and will be used over and over to find ideas that are moving in a specific theme.

Bottom line: By Xmas, there will be a frenzy for these names again. We will all trade them and make 100% gains inside hours. I am warming up to the idea of holding some for longer periods — but I like trading too much and will likely run thru the revolving doors instead.

Thus far, breadth is strong and we’re all waiting for SNOW to start trading. On a related note, be careful about topping formations into big IPOs. Over time, you will notice several large trading tops occurred immediately after Wall Street vomited shares on the plebs.

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    “Snowflake melts post-IPO” seems like inevitable headline

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