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Come Have a Look at My Winship

When I managed money I built large positions. They’d take months to accumulate, mostly rooted in fundamentals. I’d swing trade my own account — because that’s all I had time for. However, in recent years, I’ve taken up a new gambit — day trading — and have become EXCEEDINGLY good at it. The advantage to day trading is of course the limitation of risk. I rarely hold positions longer than a week and I frequently sell intra-day. There are rules, however. I initiate position sizes at 5% — because I endeavor to bank on the quantity of my wins and not the magnitude of them. This fits my trading style — because I have a very high win rate.

Stops are max -10% downside, more frequently cut loose at -4%. I review all positions constantly and if they lose luster or initiative, I liquidate.

These are my trades for today, +2.4% so far and +8.4% for the month.

KC +6.8%
ZG +7.4%
LVGO +1.6%
FVAC +4.2%
IRBT +3.2%
VKTX +1.2%
NK +6.7%
VXRT +4.3%
CODX +4.5%
ALT +9.2%
(BIGC -4.8%)
(BILI -2.2%)
TLRY +3.3%
WKHS +3.5%
(SQ -2.65%)
LPRO +2.75%
HTBX +5.5%
SRNE +5%

That’s 15 for my last 18. I am very streaky and that’s why I am confident trading thru slumps. Truth is, I wish I could help you trade better — but I can’t. I am far too busy doing things men of high stature and standing undertake. These trades you see above are 100% posted in real time inside Exodus — all to the benefit of my very large and loyal gathering. If you joined Exodus, I find it very hard to believe you’d ever lose money. The only people who lose money are the one’s with ego who weave off the reservation into the amber of their own stupidity.

I am a fucking money making machine and nothing will ever stop me — not even death.

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    Day trades?

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  3. benbernanke2020

    what would it take for your balls to grow and you to go short 20000 NQ contracts ?

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    a biden win ??

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