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Markets Hangs Onto Gains — Could Have Been Better, Could Have Been MOaR

I squandered my gains via idiotic over-trading. Sometimes you are the goat, other times you’re just a goat. ‘Tis is the harmony of life — here one minute, gone the next. The very essence of my mania is what has kept me GREEN this entire month, up nearly 6% in a month marked by faggot and catamites.

The Nasdaq closed up 133, Dow +2 — mixed bag in commodities. I like gold SHORT here and I am long with 85% of my account — with of course another 50% of my overall account into a monthly managed Quant account — which is DOWN 10% for the month. That is, more or less, the best stocks in the market. Compared it against my self directed account of +6%, you can see why I say all the time “The Fly wins all the time, even when he appears to be losing badly.”

Enough about myself and my narcissist rants of nonsense. Let’s hope for more happenings tomorrow and remember to stop consuming like brainless fucking retards and saving your money. Nothing worse than a man without money. If you are without money, it’s because you’ve mismanaged. Realign your interests to conform with profitability.

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  1. bob smith

    I shorted gold yesterday and covered on the big drop today. Then, went long because Powell is going to give us more of his love language tomorrow (moar $$$$$ for everyone = boolish for gold).

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