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I was going to say the Pacific Northwest, but that’d be fucked since people have died. Truth is, I ended Friday like a cucked faggot, saddled with 4 inverse ETFs and about 10 longs. Immediately I closed them out because I knew today would be a melt up. I knew this because breadth was 75% and we hadn’t been that strong in weeks.

Today was a true rally, broad spectrum — motherfucking GAMMA SQUEEZE.

Mid day I was barely up 100bps, but then I turned it into hyper-drive and made one trade after the next, virtually at will, to bring my daily gains up to 270bps.

ZYME +15.3%
BNTX +7.6%
RIOT +4.1%
(TZA -6.3%)
(SRTY -6.1%)
(SOXS -9.1%)
(FNGD -10.1%)
UAA +2.9%
(FMCI -5.2%)
MRNA +4.9%
NK +4.4%
HCAC +2.6%
LI +5.4%
NVAX +3.7%
(AMRS -5.9%)
PEIX +1.9%
VBLT +2.7%
SRNE +7.2%
ALT +4.8%
WKHS +4.3%
OSTK +2.3% x2
INO +3.9%

My biggest trade was extricating myself from OSTK, which was -18% as of Friday. I doubled down this morning and caught 6 on the upswing, closing out the position at a profit. Now if you’re thinking about joining Exodus because “MUH LE FLY IS GONNA TEACH ME”, I’m saddened (not really) to disappoint. I am not gonna teach you shit. Can Usain Bolt teach a fat fuck how to run? Does a shark teach a gold fish how to hunt?

While the zebra is certain to write the headlines, mankind is pressed forward by the lion. I only offer you greatness by way of duplication. It’s the best I can do.

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  1. heckler

    Zero comments because fly is a f****. It’s 7:00 p.m. on the West coast and I have a gas mask on in bed. I’ll probably sleep with it on

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  2. rigged game

    Fly, people don’t read this to see how YOU are doing with your
    insane hectic mini-trades. That doesn’t help THEM trade stocks.

    They read it to get ACTIONABLE information on market moves,
    and to enjoy your prose.

    Stop already with the insta-trade, flip-flopping horseshit.

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