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Breadth is Strong; Stocks Cannot Fall Today

I enjoy tempting the stock gods to fuck with me. I spit into their faces and dare them to harangue me with losses. I post titles such as this, not because I am obligated to boast about the wins in the stock market, but because I can. I am able to afford to do this because I make money almost every single day in the market and there’s not a god damned person who can stop me.

Sure, I fucked up on Friday buying INVERSE ETF hedges — but I closed them out and have been trading well all day. While my gains are merely 1.1%, I am pleased with the specter of future gains — as stocks have broken the fuck out again and should be swimming higher for the remainder of the week.

My trades for today.

ZYME +15.3%
BNTX +7.6%
RIOT +4.1%
(TZA -6.3%)
(SRTY -6.1%)
(SOXS -9.1%)
(FNGD -10.1%)
UAA +2.9%
(FMCI -5.2%)
MRNA +4.9%
NK +4.4%
HCAC +2.6%
LI +5.4%
NVAX +3.7%
(AMRS -5.9%)
PEIX +1.9%
VBLT +2.7%

I am 20% cash and have been taking PIKER STYLED returns as of late, small little bitch like gains and losses — mainly because the market has been giving me such. At times I am blessed with 100% big titted gains and other times, like now, middling. Not too long ago, my portfolio was moving higher at a 5% daily clip; now I am pleased with a 1.5% return.

Things change and markets are always transitional. Keep your eyes on the ball son, otherwise you might catch one between your eyes on day.

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