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Up 100bps out from the gates. I took this opportune to sell and also hedge against my remaining 25% long exposure.

NUGT +4.7%
LAC +7.9%
DDOG +3.8%
RWT +3.3%
GSX +2.6%
BE +2.4%
GLUU +1.1%
(KODK -2.3%)
ENPH +4%
INFY +0.6%
BHC +1.6%
CARS +1.6%

All small gains — but I never liked those stocks in the first place. I am moonlighting — here for a short time and a good time. Truth is, markets are heaving and will soon COLLAPSE. I do not want to be caught long, holding my testicles in my hand — eating a chocolate bar.

This is a greedy greedy tape. Be careful about those ovens.

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  1. ericbakerbruce


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  2. purdy

    If Trump is to win, he needs to make an appearance with people of various colors and genders who fear homelessness and make a public appeal for congress to get $1200 checks out so “these fine citizens don’t starve on the streets.” Forget the $600 unemployment bonus – that just pisses off those who actually actually work. And he needs to stop talking about getting rid of the payroll tax keep in case the Dems ever get a clue on how to exploit that proposal. Also, talk up law and order and keep Kudlow locked up until November 4th.

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  3. edge

    The economy is too weak to sustain itself but help is likely far off.
    The Trump administration is advocating civil war.
    The markets say “lolol, no worries”.
    I’m in an IWM straddle and some puts. I can make money on a strong move up although I’m net short.
    This market is nuts; and this is the best plan I have.

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