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Markets Churning — Be Mindful of Your Positions

This is where you get off the ride. It was a nice run — but the professionals will take it from here. Junior at the trading turret is back to fetching lattes for the PMs and you, Sir, are back to reading blogs about people with seemingly unreal super powers when trading.

I will have you know, as markets flatline and churn fuckers into fatty butter, Le Fly stands before you at SESSION HIGHS. How did a man, such as myself, achieve this great feat? Simple: I adapted to the winds. Do not try this at home — for you are more apt to blow yourselves up and zero the accounts out. You watch, and join Exodus, and you sit down and eat fish.

I am the fisherman. Sometimes the seas are choppy and I catch carp and it ends up biting off one of the arms of the weaker members on the fishing yacht. But lo and behold, you give me a market like this and BAM! +250BPS for the day.

I am not done.

It’s been a busy day.

OSTK +14.7% x2
EXK +5%
DRIP +2.7%
DMYT +6.1%
YELP – wash
(PING -2.2%)
NOVA wash
JMIA +1%
ICLK wash
DDOG +1.6%
BLNK +0.4%
(BE -1.75%)
(FEAC -4%)
(RXT -4%)
(DPHC -4.8%)
WTRH +8%
(VISL -5.7%)
CODX +9.3%

I sense a turn here. We are seeing money slosh into COVID-19 virus plays and there is a pervasive weakness in the tape that feels and looks like a trap. Be careful out there — for it will get worse before it gets better.

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  1. maxx2000

    IWM fourth test of the 50 ma daily coming up here soon. Happens to be forming a bear flag too. Better fucking come up with some stimulus NOW bitches!

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  2. og

    Looking kinda ugly out there.

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  3. maxx2000

    Don’t worry, that ugly hag with all the plastic surgery, Pepperoni will save us… she looks out for the little guy… always.

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  4. maxx2000

    Tomorrow is 9/11. Only thing we got going for us. Otherwise I’d be selling with both hands.

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  5. trumpmeister

    Bought some more ETH today.

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  6. Po Pimp

    Just buy the fucking dip you stupid faggots.

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