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It wasn’t hard to do, for me. I simply envisioned where I wanted the stock to be and it would be so. Today I sold out of my oversized $OSTK position — not because I hated the stock — but because profits must be harvested. In this market, you are only as good as your last trade and if you’re not trading — you are not training.

The results so far.

OSTK +14.7% x2
EXK +5%
DRIP +2.7%

Markets are blasting off again, albeit on weak breadth. Nevertheless, this is precisely the sort of tape I wanted — the day after squeeze — the long stare into the souls of your enemies making them quake with fear.

Both my Quant and trading are up more than 220bps today. So far, a good day — but anything can happen.

Watch crude for leadership to the downside. Cryptos are back in play, and SPACs, well, are what everyone wants these days.

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  1. purdy

    Market needs my $600/week bonus to keep juiced …and where’s my $1200 checks??? The committee to re-elect better get on it.

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  2. purdy

    Re-entry try here with tight stop …Qs go to 252 area ..SPY to 320. Need stimulus crack.

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