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Gasoline is for fucking retards, fat, slothful, retards. Pardon my inelegant prose when attempting to convey my innermost feelings on petro oil, but the era of the COMBUSTION ERA has ended and replacing it is ELECTRICITY, powered by FILTHY COAL PLANTS.

Because of the success of Tesla, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is now an e car maker.

We have NEE-KO-LAI, NLKA, as well as many others like SHLL, DPHC, NIO, KNDI, SOLO, SPAQ and newly minted LI from China. I am sure many other SPACs will come forth soon with fresh new ideas. The whole SPAC craze is especially maddening. When I was a broker, we could’ve give these blank check IPOs away. If your firm did a SPAC, you were at a boiler room and low brow shop, undeserving of attention. That is still the case today, many brokers choose to work at shitty firms for higher payouts and end up selling retarded deals to their sub-par clients. If I was entering the business today, I would fight tooth and nail to get into a LARGE BRACKET firm and then maybe spin out into my own advisory.

NEVER EVER work at a bullshit logo.

Not much going on today. The Nasdaq is flat, but small caps are up. I just booked 3 small losses and a -9% ding in KODK as a day trade. What was I thinking?

Still, I am mostly cash, looking to play the E-Car craze, and also looking at some day trades. I’ve soured on the overnighters.

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  1. spaceman

    I TOLD YOU 12 MONTHS AGO TO BUY GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 GOLD $2000 !!!!!!!

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  2. sia

    We def going to pop this electric vehicle bubble soon. Listening to Josh Brown’s podcast, he was saying bubbles usually pop when wall street adds more supply of the bubbly industry. Every day we hear about a new ‘electric’ car company. Once all the demand is met, there will be no buyers left and boooom, down we go.

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