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Just when you thought the market might stall or pause for a sip of water, BAM! — another 200 points in your fucking face. See pal, that’s what this market is all about — like a personal ATM machine that you can use anytime you want for money.

Want to buy your wife a diamond bracelet for Valentine’s Day and a little light on funds? No problem. Shoot on over to the stock exchange and withdraw $10k from it. The only crime here is ordinary folk aren’t aware of the ease and grace of this market and have instead opted for a life of abject poverty and disgrace.

I can tell you now that life isn’t always joyful and there are things that upset The Fly a great deal. Like you, I want to destroy and kill large swaths of the population and subjugate my enemies to torture camps in Easter Europe (no nazi). But I cannot — because it’s bad juju and I’d much rather go to the stock exchange and withdraw a bunch of money.

For example, yesterday I had this DAO stock tank on me by 25%, going beneath my basis of $25. I had two choices, book the 10% loss or buy more. Easy choice — I doubled down and now I’m break even, as the stock sprints higher. Life is easy, good, and also grande.

For the day, I bought several stocks, a little of this and a little of that. Who’s keeping track, eh? I cannot lose, easy peasy chicken greasy.

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  1. heckler

    Way to go breaking even dog why don’t you buy some solar?

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  2. richardweiner

    Whatever happened to AIDS? Remember when that was a good method for thinning the herd of undesirables?

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  3. it is showtime

    Sentiments very-indicative of a peak-bubble top,
    not just a top,
    A full fledged epochal impeccably formed classic
    asset bubble,

    on top of a societal failure defect, in “Tech”,
    on top of a societal failure defect, in “Housing”

    This has brought me everything I wanted. The inescapable turn, tumble, and fallout,

    is gonna be the last thing … you … want

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  4. roguewave

    Dow to $40k, or $50k. They will juice it until it blows up. Tomorrow, next week, next year, 5 years. No one knows. Place your bets.

    Now a little education for some. As always, I post because I want to. I believe it will benefit me in the long run, somehow.

    The halving. What is it and should you care? Someone was kind enough to create a site: https://bitcoinblockhalf.com/
    It’s currently expected on the 12th of May.

    Imagine, on a specific date such as May 12th; nuclear waste was dropped into 50% of all the gold mines on earth. With current technology, 1/2 of the current gold supply is effectively gone for the foreseeable future.

    What would the price of gold do?
    Simple, if demand remained constant, the price would need to rise.

    On May 12 or thereabouts, the supply of bitcoin will be cut in half from 12.5 BTC created every minutes to 6.25 every 10 minutes.

    Everyone knowledgeable about Bitcoin knows this. Is it priced in?
    imho, NFW.

    Don’t understand stock to flow? Read up. https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/modeling-bitcoins-value-with-scarcity-91fa0fc03e25

    more: https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-price-still-on-course-for-100k-in-2021-confirms-analyst-planb/

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    • it is showtime

      I’ve said they were purposefully doing a blow-it-up for quite awhile

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    • numbersgame

      “What would the price of gold do?
      Simple, if demand remained constant, the price would need to rise.”

      True, but your analysis is assuming that the demand for bitcoin will remain constant (or increase). Coinspeaks’ arguements on the superiority of BSV vs BTC are much more convincing, and are backed up by evidence of incresign demand by *users*, not just by speculators.


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  5. the good life

    *sips Sauternes*

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