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Wuhan Nurse on Front Lines Breaks Down on Phone: ‘DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT”

Claims 10 nurses are seeing 100 patients per day and all they do is watch people die.


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  1. juice

    If the below is related to coronavirus, the cause of this has yet to be made public.

    Friday, 3rd February 1995
    “Auch eine Lungenkrankheit wird bei den Menschen ausbrechen, und zwar durch die Schuld Chinas, wo Biowaffen erforscht werden und durch eine Unvorsichtigkeit Erreger frei werden.””

    DeepL translation: “A lung disease will also break out in people, and this is due to China’s fault, where biological weapons are being researched and pathogens are released through carelessness.”

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  2. ferd

    – This nurse
    – “Weaponized virus smuggled out of Canada”
    – “Bioweapons lab in Wuhan the source”
    – “Chinese under-reporting the kill rate by listing cause of death as pneumonia in stead of virus”
    – etc

    And we’re just entering the zerohedge disaster data mining phase.

    Anyway, since we don’t trust the Chinese …If the three reported cases in the US didn’t infect anyone when they were asymptomatic, then virus-related play is likely over and the budding hysteria will die down. If they did spread it – especially if it indicates >R2.5, then it is not over.

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  3. mad marsupial

    CONTAGION Coronavirus leaves 56 MILLION on lockdown in 14 cities as surgeon who treated sick becomes 41st confirmed death


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