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Booked Largest Gains of the Year

It couldn’t have been any other way. I was out of pocket, trading and blogging from my phone — without any support or ability to research. Pure instinct.

The results:

TLRY +28.6%
MNK +34%
AAOI +16.8%
KRTX +8.9%

Perhaps I need to work like that more often.

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  1. rigged game

    Anybody who buys this ridiculously high Fed-rigged market is a total lunatic.

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    • it is showtime

      They’re exploding it. To blowup on dt takedown. As was clear many many weeks ago.

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  2. numbersgame

    That’s some impressive trading, Fly. Good timing on the buys *and* the sells.

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  3. it is showtime

    How great, really, is your roadside advice Store?
    Versus the deconstructionist powerhouses that admonished and foretold, the hazardous debt high-stock combination you are now surrounded by?

    “Oh, you’re a great blogger”
    “Oh, you’re a great writer”

    How did you miss denoting the most detectably piloted, choreographed stock indexes possible?
    That proceeded to drive the system to dangerously susceptible condition while you did your “tray” “ding”?

    ‘Cause you’re just a Greedy bonanza Wall St bastard.

    Just incorrigibly trade? Why should your role be to judge? With the meltdown pain on your next generation. That’s the legacy your lineage will see. The logician soothersayer other lineage will see.

    And this sits for the future generation to see, the ill-repute, they stem from

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