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Futures Soar Post American Victory Over Iran

First he won the trade wars versus China. Then he got Mexica to pay for and build a wall. Now he defeated Iran in combat. Is there anything this man cannot do — aside from finding out how Jeffrey Epstein managed to kill himself?

Futures are now green. Oil is collapsing, as predicted. Gold is retreating. All is well, all is well.

The President is slated to address the nation this morning, so anything can happen. Maybe, just maybe, he goes batshit. Or, since there were no casualties, he lets it go and relishes in his Normandy styled victory.

My best hunch: volatility is back, so keep some cash, maybe some hedges, and trade the closes for next morning rips.

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  1. ferd

    Can he keep himself from pandering to the Lindsay Grahams and other armchair sadists (ah hem) who have not come to terms with their homosexuality and allow things to wind down?

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  2. ferd

    I wish he could read a freakin’ teleprompter …he says Iranian when he means Iraqi.

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