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I’ve Gone Out and Acquired a Portfolio of Shit

The market is boring and I have some big dicked gains this year, so I went out like a blind monkey and thew darts at a board and bought 10 shit stocks. My methods are clear: buy stocks that did poorly this year. I curated said list amongst different industries and made sure they had certain things I liked — and then I threw darts at the wall and selected 10 stocks.

Pretty simple. I am sure my Ape method of stock picking will defeat 99% of hedge funders out there, and 100% of IARs.

I haven’t eaten all day and have spent most of my time either at the gym, reading, or working on projects. It’s important that you understand Le Fly has been run ragged the past 5 years and moved down to N. Carolina, partly to relax — get away from it all. With the launch of Exodus 2.0 around the bend, my life will be turned on its ass again, so I am using this time for leisure. Pardon me as I blog once or twice less per day, or perhaps appear on the site a little later than usual. There was a time last year when I felt I was going to collapse and drop dead, which didn’t entirely make me feel bad; and THAT was the problem. If you don’t feel bad about suddenly dropping dead — you have a problem.

Maybe some of this stuff has to do with getting older. I am 43 now and I started blogging here in my 20s. Things look different when you’re younger — a fool running rampant with his dick out trying to show the world how big it is. There are complexities that go ignored and details that are never even noticed. I did not intend to get philosophical on you in a blog titled “I’ve Gone Out and Acquired a Portfolio of Shit” — but it happens sometimes. I do not plan my blogs and always write via a stream of consciousness.

I started reading a new book now, after finishing the lunatic nonsense called “Jurgen.” Jurgen was a 1920s smash hit and risqué for the time, a personal favorite of Zelda Fitzgerald. I enjoyed it thru 100 pages, especially when he cut off the head of his wife, but then it lost me in a nonsensical tale of fantasy. The book I am reading now is called The Long Goodbye, by Raymond Chandler. He all but invented the gumshoe detective, noir style writing — tough private eye on the beat punching people in the mouth for looking at him sideways.

The fascinating thing about Chandler, he started writing in the 1930s, after losing his oil field job during the Great Depression. He started writing at 44, which is old for a writer. He had a legendary career in spite of his lateness to the field and left the world with an impressive body of work.

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    I would also recommend The Big Sleep by Chandler.

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