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Articles of Impeachment Drafted For Trump; Futures Slump

They say the real reason for the -40 points off in the Nasdaq this morning is the delay in PHASE 1 of the China trade deal being signed. It will never be signed. But I am bored of giving credit to the China news and have come to believe that China isn’t even a real country anymore. I have convinced myself we can do without it and no longer need their factories to make any of our shit.

Today the Democrats will perhaps draft not one but two articles of impeachment, which should end us in the Senate for a show trial. Will Trump finally get impeached, arrested, and then executed for crimes of the highest order? No, as a matter of fact, he’ll probably get reelected because of these articles of impeachment, which leads me to believe something is amiss here.

Yesterday I bought 10 piece of shit stocks based on monkey dart throwing techniques. My cash is still at around 40%, so this sell off will do nothing to me. I am impervious to your market moves.

NFLX caught a downgrade this morning and the analyst says BEHOLD there will be massive subscriber losses in 2020. Do you think so? I don’t.

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  1. ferd

    “something is amiss here”

    Hmm, you may be on to something. While we’ve been distracted by Russia/Ukraine-gate, the chemical weapons attack in Syria has been shown to be a false flag, we’ve declared illegal West Bank settlements to be legal, we’ve moved our embassy to Jerusalem, we’ve withdrawn from the JCPOA, we’ve declared the Golan to be Israel’s land, traitorous pols are right now pushing for a treaty that would obligate us to fight any war that Israel gins up….

    Orange guy, first black president …just useful distractions. Enjoy the show.

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  2. og

    Damn, Citron out with a $5 PT on my PTON.

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