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Going for a Big Splash into National Feast

I booked a series of trades today that led me to 30% cash and one oversized position in a hot biotech stock. I am doing so in order to attempt a big splash into National Festival Day. I can go either way, frankly. I can up the ante and truly place my balls on the table and short stocks betting on a Black Friday catastrophe. Or, I can simply bet on continuation.

Truth is, this is a good trading environ. If you’re not having fun trading now, you’re a miserable sea-hag and should probably kill yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.

That being said, I have been cold this month, plagued by horror and phantoms. But I sense a shift coming and the Gods are known to favor me, in spite of their humor.

Here were today’s trades.

INMD +18.5%
INMD +7.2%
INMD +5.9%
CLDR +5.17%
BMRN +1.1%
(CAH -1.1%)
INCY +4.4%
AMED +3.44%
(KPTI -3.7%)


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  1. it is showtime

    Ha ha manipulators no shakeout-level close

    Enjoy your sundown sauna Homos

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  2. cancel19

    Dr. Fly, I really enjoy that trading contest going on in Exodus’s trading room!

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  3. jk

    only 1 biotech stock worth owning…. CRSP…. I like to win too.

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