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Biotech Worked and I Have the Trades to Prove It

You’d be wise to not bet against me. Here are my trades for today and today only. You should print these out as a thorough reminder that betting against Le Fly is not only stupid, but it’s madness.

GBT +9.34%
INMD +4.5%
INMD +2.7%
AXSM +5.6%
RARE +1.92%
AGIO +1.13%
(SAND -5.4%)
(CDE -6.7%)
ICPT +6.3%
ICPT +5.55%
ICPT +3.52%

Both losers were in the gold sector, a dead area of the market not so much different from the black sea — salting portfolios across the globe with indecorous qualities.

Here was yesterday’s bounty.

INMD +18.5%
INMD +7.2%
INMD +5.9%
CLDR +5.17%
BMRN +1.1%
(CAH -1.1%)
INCY +4.4%
AMED +3.44%
(KPTI -4.28%)

Notice how wise I am with my trades and how I profit from them often. This is what happens after decades of trial and error — perfecting a trade to the point of excellence.

BEHOLD as I am now 70% cash, positioning for one last major gambit of supreme magnanimity.

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  1. acehood

    Hows Thanksgiving prep going Fly

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  2. numbersgame

    IBB still going strong. I actually had that as one of my few long-term equity holdings, but got out at ~115.

    For those still holding on, you might want to note the double top in Sep 2018 near $122. This is probably just as relevant to biotech day tardes as to long-term buy-an-hold.

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