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Prepare Yourselves for Glory

Nasdaq futures are up 30 and just about everyone I know is reserved to the idea of spending the whole week like drunken fat fools — but not Le Fly. Applying a penance to myself, I’ve given up the booze and instead work our tirelessly — with the energy of a much younger man. Yes, if I wanted to I could punch your jaw loose — break your bones and grind them into dust with my bare hands. But I am your friend, your internet sage — who has come here to offer greetings and salutations on this fine Sunday evening.

There isn’t going to be a sell off because stocks do not trade lower into National Festival. The only thing you have to concern yourselves with this week is whether you want to stay long into Black Friday. Bear in mind, this is a dangerous trade.

However, up until Thursday — trading should be meaningful and fun. I look forward to our adventures inside Exodus.

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  1. it is showtime

    In the “NO SHIT” category
    – No Phase 2 Trade Deal On Horizon, “It’s Trump who wants these deals, not us.”

    In the “YOU’RE……………………..STILL! FUCKED” category
    – Recovery Narrative Doomed: China Momentum Indicator Signals More Downside

    In the “YOU’RE STILL A MORON CRETIN” category
    – Everything Is Turning Down Again… Except Stocks

    Fuck you cretins sincerely! showtime

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    • moosh

      Yeah show, exactly. What kind of morons would consistently trade lossses off of idiotic headlines like these?

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  2. The_Swede

    It takes sellers to make the market go down. Anyone seen a seller?

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