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I Only Want Recourd Highs; Exodus 2 Beta Trial Sign Ups Coming Soon

With markets careening towards the sun, I only want stocks at or near record highs. Anything less than that is revolting and makes me sick. The very thought of having to own a stock not at its recourd high is something I’d much rather not have to do.

This morning, I booked two more profits.

CRSP +2.8%
EW +2.55%

These are small, infant, gains — but I have a job to do — spitting out winners on a daily basis. All of you out there have the luxury of never having to impress anyone but your ugly wives. See me, I have to impress the world. “The Fly” is a household name in 46 countries. People pick up their morning newspapers and ask each other “did you see what The Fly did yesterday?” Dinner tables across France are plagued by Fly talk, everyone wondering how I did during the trading day. The pressure is too much for anyone to bear, but except for me — of course.

That being said — the good folks at iBankCoin, in conjunction with our new tech partner, TR3WAY our of Germany, will be launching access to beta trials for Exodus 2.0 this weekend. Understand something, we’ve been toiling away for 7 months building this thing. I have FUCKERS inside Exodus now believing I am lying — pretending to build something for the sake of just saying it. Let me be the first to tell you, upon the launch of this glorious piece of financial software, I will cut all of their dicks off.

Stay tuned for me.

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  1. numbersgame

    What’s up with IWM?
    2 yr chart. $160, then whack, over and over, 7 times. Meanwhile, SPY ATH.

    So which of these current situations favors large caps over small caps:
    a) unresolved China trade war
    b) weak economies overseas relative to US
    c) resilient US consumer spending
    d) none of the above.

    Anybody want to add to this?

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  2. it is showtime

    28k preprogrammed outcome
    strong observational logic
    mountains of contextual logic and past precedent

    elites – it’s merely making those of us you O B S E S S W I T H shutting down become more correct and corroborated, go p i s s i n t o t h e w i n d idiots how ineffectual can you be at wiping out “midget opposition”

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