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I’ve been trading like a craven lunatic the past few days, Ty Cobbing in this motherfucker — trying to upgrade my win rate. The net results have been fun, but also stupid — with a series of piker wins — the brand of trading I used to mock in the pre-ZERO commission rate days.

CRWD +2.2%
DDOG +1.83%
KSS +2.11%
OKTA +3%
(AUY -7.1%)
KL +2.5%
NVCR +1.23%
EVBG +1.57%
CRSP +2.8%
EW +2.55%
CNMD +1%
BBBY +1.9%
(AYX -1.1%)
(BILI -1.1%)
GWRE +0.84%
(TMF -3.95%)
NGG +0.76%
KOD +4.6%

That’s 15 for my last 18 trades in the past two days. Why? Because I fucking felt like it. I talk shit and carry a small stick.

Today alone I bought 10 stocks, sold one for a 4.5% intra day spree, holding the rest over the weekend like a crackhead gambler. Why the fuck not? Trading is cheap, it’s free. I can do whatever the fuck I want. Besides, who’s gonna stop me?

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  1. it is showtime

    28k preprogrammed outcome
    strong observational logic
    mountains of contextual logic and past precedent

    elites – it’s merely making those of us you O B S E S S W I T H shutting down become more correct and corroborated, go p i s s i n t o t h e w i n d idiots how ineffectual can you be at wiping out “midget opposition”

    psyop didn’t work
    fuckos. suck it.

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    I came here to 2x=2 the amount of posts on iBC.

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  3. helen


    If one was in agreement with this assessment, which I am, and wanted to buy a humongous 2021 put position. what instrument would u use?

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