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Markets Do Not Bottom on Fridays

Fully long — dick protruding outward into the transom — literally nothing in my way but the door. We’re late in the week and today’s rally was weak AF. I realize you’re all very nice people and deserve the best — because you’re all so smart and wonderful and immeasurably keen — but you’re going to lose some coin tomorrow. That’s just the way it has to be.

I progressed today, as it is my place to do so. I make an effort each and every day to enlighten those around me — through harsh words and kinetic force. Sometimes my good deeds go unnoticed — but that’s ok. “The Fly” is patient and waits eagerly in the tall tall grass waiting for his opportune to present itself.

One topic of note in Exodus today was dogs, and how it pertains to retail spending trends. The gist of the conversation went like this:

Fuck dogs. We treat them like shit. We feed them barely anything. We never spend money on them. In China rich people kick them really hard for barking. Etc.

Exhausting, really. Dogs should not be kicked, but eaten. We all know what a wonderful tasting animal The Dog is and how inexpensive they are. Why, you could go to the local rescue now and order 10 pitbulls and eat them by tonight!

Fucking off for now.

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  1. it is showtime

    Elites you only have a handful of consecutive aths left. Maybe a couple. Maybe a few. Running out. You’re running out. And I’m still in the game. See The Finger?

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  2. og

    So who is lying about the trade deal, China or USA?

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    • numbersgame

      Turmp lies like an idiot: factually untrue statements that are easily refuted
      “Obama is a Muslim and not a US citizen.”
      “Largest inaugration crowd ever. etc”
      ” Mexico will pay for it”
      ” the wall is being built”

      China – like most political bodies bends the truth. Go read what they said again and my interpretation of it: https://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2019/11/07/trump-wins-fucking-trade-war-rapper-drake-gets-sell-drugs/#comment-564503

      Their statements are consistant with Navaro’s postion that the US remoivng Tarifss ***after*** confimring that China has upheld their agreement and that the Dec tariffs may be postponed It is only the US markets that optimisitcally interpreted their statemetn as current traiffs will be removed on Day 1.

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  3. jacked rabbit

    Blog started with dick protrusion and finished with eating dogs. No opinion, just wanted to type those words in the same sentence.

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    • ericbakerbruce

      Should have stated with a dog protrusion and ended with eating dick

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