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Prepare Yourselves For the Holiday Run

Big busy titted day at House Fly. We’re preparing for some company from up north, welcoming them into the bosom of our southern home — providing sustenance and comfort. One might say Master Fly is providing a northern form of southern hospitality, which is increasingly intelligent and wondrous.

This is the easy time of year for investors. One could simply kick back and drink bourbon all day, toss money randomly into stocks, and make some money. In the event your comfort level isn’t on par with a sub 50 IQ gorilla, here is some data from Exodus.

BTW: My new German programmer, TR3WAY, has promised to have a working beta version of Exodus 2.0 by Black Friday. As a point in fact, he said should he not finish it insofar as providing said beta version, he would commit to chopping off his own German arms. An Exodus 2.0 means all sorts of great things — because I have a great mind and now with the ability to code something great, only great things can happen. I have an Alpha version working for Exodus 2.0 and it far exceeds what Exodus 1 can do already. Why subscribe to Exodus 1.0 now? Well, there’s the matter of pricing and tiers and those in now will be grandfather’d in. Also, Le Fly is on an unbelievable winning streak — pitted up against his Arch Nemesis @Fryguy aka Diddy inside the Pelican Room. Winner takes all, loser dies. Our contest lasts from now thru Black Friday.

Here is a data dump for you to peruse.

Top rated stocks by Hybrid score.

Top rated industries by Hybrid score.

Best performing industries 1 month.

Happy Saturday.


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