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Ever since I was a very small boy I’ve been trading stocks. You were out slapping hockey sticks across your friends face while I was at home paper trading an imagined stock market taken from my WSJ. I didn’t grow up around anyone who traded or had money, so it was completely organic — this obsession of mine. Religious people might say Le Fly was born to trade stocks, help others extricate themselves from their middle class maze of hamster wheels and oppressive debt. While you might imagine yourselves to be better than me or even in the same league, bear in mind that this is not true.

My last 27 trades, fucked faces.
STMP +19%
ARWR +6.4%
GME +5.1%
TROV +9.9%
TROV +9.9%
MNK +7.8%
BBBY +9.3%
(MLNT -10%)
CARB +2.7%
PDD +12.46%
LULU +1.5
(NVCR -10.3%)
LPG +3.6%
EW +2.6%
ANTM +3.1%
SPOT +16.8%
OKTA +4.6%
BYND +2.96%
(FIZZ -6%)
(TREX -7.5%)
(ASMB -8.5%)
(BLDP -2.65%)
SPNS +4.4%
ZEN +6.1%
CROX +4.55%
OSPN +4.1%
TZA +2.4%

I took the CROX and OSPN trades today, mostly for fun — not because I wanted to, but because I could. I netted over 4% on both, annualized return off the fucking charts. I had TZA from yesterday and just parlayed that for a small win. Markets are responding favorably to the Fed, so I removed my hedge. And let’s not forget the ZEN, big win post earnings. This is what I do every single day.

Let’s not forget.

Into the close, I assume markets will remain strong. I have 35% cash now, following my sales, so I might be inclined to venture out into the deep blue for a few more fish.

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  1. teslawasright

    bear in mind you (the reader class) are a pussy. Haha. Le Fly funny stuff

    bake some shrimps

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  2. numbersgame

    NFLX up to its olds tricks, trading up on nothing. There are still plenty of bulls.

    The only question: will it hit $300, or just get really close?

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