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Market Surges, Greenland is Ours, Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Trump wanting to buy Greenland is genius, especially since global warming will make it a nice tropical destination in the future. I hope that will acquire it and begin developing large casinos on it.

I had a splendid day, after all. My Quant was +1.75% and my dick swung real low into the rally, as I position into 4 new stocks — having sold out of my harebrained SOXS debacle. While it’s true, I still have plenty of gold, I’m not in the least bit concerned about them trending lower for any meaningful amount of time.

Heading into next week, one should expect a revival of animal spirits and a meaningful push higher, as fresh spirits and a clean outlook on life grab hold of the peanut sized brains of traders.

I will be toiling away all day and night, cramming items into boxes and tossing nonsense into the trash. I will have you know that moving is a terrible terrible affliction.

Be well and good day.

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  1. it is showtime

    How are you-the-establishment going to delay Brexit this time?

    You’re not.

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  2. trumpmeister

    I’m in favor of putting our USD printing press into hyperdrive in order to acquire more properties.

    Who gives a damn about being fiscally responsible when we have Chinese morons to buy our Treasuries?

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  3. cancel19

    One never knows how much crap one has until you move.

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