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Listen to me as if I had a loaded shotgun to your heads.

Everything you see is temporary but gold. Long from now, Amazon and Google will be bankrupted corporations, destroyed by their own hubris — but gold, pure fucking gold, will still retain value.

Long ago, aliens from outer space cracked whips on Africans to mine for gold. They needed it for jewelry and for their atmosphere. Since then, humans have assigned a value to the shiny metal. Wars have been fought over it, whole continents subjugated and conquered for it. Today, those who believe in it are on par with those who wait around for the Great Pumpkin on Hallow’s Eve night, dismissed and called “bugs.” The days of being ridiculed and discarded like pieces of shit are over, lads.


The markets are shitting down severed heads today and one would think gold would sell off — but it’s not. It came all the way back from an earlier deficit and is now punching faces along the way higher.

I added a little something to my portfolio today, upping my gold miner exposure to 25%. I dare you to stand in front of my way. I’m inclined to rip your arms off and cut your torso in half with my samurai sword!

At any rate, I’ll be investing the balance of my 35% cash at the end of the day — because that’s what winners do.

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  1. juice

    you tell’em boss

    butt-fuk Lambos though, I ordered one of these


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  2. teslawasright

    The Fly is back with a vengenance

    Perhaps a 2.5″ ribeye. Maybe a little smaller due to your advanced 42.5+ age

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  3. juice

    possible over-nighters


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  4. roguewave

    samurai, is indeed a decent phone wallet for your electric gold – Bitcoin.

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  5. numbersgame

    I thought bonds would sell off too, but just like Gold, they went down then rallied hard. They’ve both been correlated the last two weeks, except that Gold dived on the FED news while bonds gained, and bonds fell yesterday while Gold didn’t move.

    Neither of those moves is bullish for stocks.

    Gold and USTs are both safe havens, therefore they both go up at the initail signs of market panic. However, consider this:
    1) rookie investors never mess with bonds, but they do mess with gold. So which spike is more likely driven by Smart Money and which is more likely driven by bubble-chasers?
    2) both USTs and gold are seen as safe-havens, so both spike when the market panics. However, long bonds tend to do better in a low/falling infaltion market, while PMs do better in a high inlfation environment. Do you see any major econmoise burdened by high infaltion, much less the US?

    Trading is fine for the short term, but thinking about those questions whould tell you which is more likely to better in the 1-2 yr time frame.

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