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Big win, folks. But it’s nothing new. I’ve been bowling on you people since 2008 with my time machine. Some of you know and have joined, the lot of you are rotten to the core and depraved.

All you had to do was sit back and do nothing and let Exodus score the market and spit out a mean reversion signal. Even an idiot moron could make money off this.

Having gone thru the hostile environment of late 2018, nothing can fool Exodus now. It’s a fucking money making cock chopping machine straight from hell and it’s going to cut your dicks off if you get in its way.

Wait, scratch that. That’s horrible marketing material. Let me try it again.

Exodus is like the fucking moon landing, but real. It’s a fucking astronaut bouncing around on the moon, telling everyone on earth to “fuck off” because they’re not making history and feeling moon sand.

I think that’s better.

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