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Milking Jack

That might seem like a homo-erotic post — but it wasn’t meant to be. Sure, Jack Dempsey is a billionaire hustler in the virtual reality world and some might view him as a weirdo fuckhead; but not me. BIG FAN of Jack here and I want to milk him for all of his net worth.

Let me rephrase that. I’m not actually taking anything from him, but merely siphoning from his magic pixy dust that he sprinkles onto his fucking stocks.

I bought and sold SQ the other day for profit and now I bought TWTR for an overnight hold. I know I said “NO MORE FREE PICKS ON THE FREE SITE.” But the day is over and this stock will be sold in the morning for another handsome profit.

Mark my words. I cannot be denied.

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  1. natehois

    Yeah looks like you’re gonna get Jack’d right off

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  2. bronze28

    let me be the smart Monday morning QB.

    what about ROKU; BYND;

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