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Fly’s overnight trading success continues. On Friday I stepped in large, big dicked style, and bought LYFT. Do you know what I did today? I sold that shit for +1.75%. While that might sound like a small dicked again, the exact opposite of what you’d expect from Plutonium Petey — if you annualize it — I made 442%.

Here are my last dozen trades. Dozen — like eggs — only two cracked. Not bad.

OSTK +3%
ZS +7.1%
ROKU +4.7%
(COHR -6.66%)
CRWD +2.9%
KTB +5.2%
BYND +7.7%
O +3.2%
WELL +4.5%
(ZM -1.3%)
SQ +2.55%
LYFT +1.75%

By the way, I loved ZM — but rules are rules. I do not make them, but follow them. I would’ve held ZM if the rules didn’t say “OVERNIGHT TRADES” — but they did, so I lost money on it. Now you see ZM is cresting like a motherfucker — surf boarding on shorts — straight stunting. God bless and you’re welcome. That’s all I have to say — you are welcomed.

All trades are done in real time, emailed and texted the fuck out in Exodus.

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  1. alex

    Hi Dr. Fly,

    I’ve just discovered your very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing your insights. Can you elaborate on the rules you’re using to buy and sell? I appreciate you may be reserving detailed information for your paid subscribers, but is there anything you can share here?

    Thank you!

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    • Dr. Fly

      For overnight picks, I choose the best stocks in the afternoon and sell them for profit in the next morning. So simple even a complete moron can do it.

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  2. alex

    Thank you, Dr. Fly. How do you decide which are the best stocks? Do you sell them on the open, or do you use some specific criteria to sell soon after the open?

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