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Bitcoins to Record Highs Else I’ll Gnaw Off My Own Arm

Listen to me.

This is not even a maybe. Bitcoin is encroaching upon 13k this evening and I am long. I am long BTC and a shitload of ELF coin. Do not ask why — for it is too complicated for your small minds to understand. Just know this, listen very carefully. Ok?

If BTC does not touch down on record highs this year, I will bite into my own arm and chew it off on Facebook live — or wherever the fuck you kids broadcast from these days. What do you fuckers watch, The Instagram aka “The Gram?” I’ll do you it there you pathetic little shits.

I got a link from a fine blogger at Marketwatch a few weeks ago, who referred to me as an ancient person who left Wall Street “decades ago.” What in the fuck are you people smoking? I’m 43 God damned it and I have the energy of a 5 year old school boy.

Back to my promise.

I will chew thru the bone and rip out the ligaments with my own face teeth — should BTC not hit record highs.

Why am I willing to do something so deadly to myself?

Because it’s not even a maybe — that’s why (dot dot dot) pal.

See, that’s who I am — and you’re nothing.



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  1. trumpmeister

    Free tip to kids that still read your blog:

    Start researching wtf Web 3.0 entails, and buy the cryptocurrency that’s the head of the pack in that endeavor. It’s like investing in Microsoft and Bill Gates in the 80s. Upside potential is 50x from current price.

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  2. juice

    block-chain play OSTK in overdrive. heading next to 19

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  3. roundwego

    All in short with tza, sqqq, and let’s not forget faz as DB blows up.

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  4. WrongView

    Bitcoin is dead.

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