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Saturday Random Shots with Le Fly

What sort of monster posts headlines describing stock market gains as being ‘big dicked?’ This is supposed to be a family friendly website, welcoming, with open arms, all people and genders and races and age groups. In a world of hatred and violence, iBankCoin is supposed to be a redoubt of honor and dignity. Whoever is typing those headlines into the website needs to cut that shit out immediately.

Speaking of monster, look at what the absolute shit-head fools at CNBC headlined today.

Look, I don’t mean to come across as hateful or be sour guy with always something harmful to say — but for the love of Christ those fuckers at CNBC deserve the electric chair. I don’t even know where to start addressing this sudden claim that authoritarian regimes are overtaking democracies with their brands of capitalism. Oh, is that what China is — capitalist? I don’t think so fucked faces. Even more, is France capitalist? Is America a capitalist society? I think not. This shit is rigged from crown to stem.

Moving on to happier subjects. I received another offer for my house — albeit another low baller. What’s with fuckers who waste your time with low ball offers? Do they think I’m so desperate to escape NJ that I’lll acquiesce? Wrong guy. I’ll never acquiesce. I’ll stay in this tax hell for the rest of my life before I surrender.

Don’t talk to me about markets today. It’s a Saturday and it’s muggy outside and I still have allergies. I’m sure you’ll be fine and everything will shoot higher come Monday.


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