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Good afternoon ladies and germs.

Looks like I booked two gains today, one for 3% and another of the bigger dick varietal for +7.1%. I’d tell you these things in advance — but the trades are for closers only and they’re most certainly not for degenerate readers who don’t even have the decency to support this fine institution via an Exodus membership.

I just got off the phone with my chief programmer. Pay attention, for this is a very important message.

Prices for Exodus 2.0 are going up. Believe me, I tried to fight it — but I lost out in the end. My new programmer hails from Germany and did the calculations and determined the new product would be ‘severely underpriced’ to the point of doing injury to yours truly, so prices are heading higher. But prices will not go up for current members or anyone who gets in before the cut off date.

When is said cut off date?

Unsure, presently. When I find out more — you’ll know. Trust me.

Markets were supposed to tank, but nothing can keep this shit lower. You fucking hear that? That’s the sound of short sellers getting flushed down the drain.

After talking to Rain Cajun, I am 99.99% certain that I will do a daily podcast, from 3-4pm called The Final Fucking Hour, which will be hosted by me and RC. I’ll interview some “really important people” and try to humiliate them best I can. Anyone who’s ever talked to me knows that I can carry a conversation for about 20 hours straight, so 1 hr will be a breeze, plus it’ll be fun. I have a face for radio, believe me.

You got to buy something before the closing bell. We must assume stocks will continue to break necks to the upside. I just bought a really cool stock. It’ll be even cooler if the fucker should trade up 10% next week.

More later.

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  1. it is showtime
    it is showtime

    Haha Conceptually no change


    Greg Hunter

    W I T H

    — P — E — T — E — R – – S — C — H — I — F — F —

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  2. polarized manticore
    polarized manticore

    Hello to The Fly,

    As a current degenerate reader who don’t even have the decency to support this fine institution I forgive you for the price increase and thank you for the blog regardless.

    So as a new guy: I’m pro podcast and though raised in blighty was German born and thus approve additional sturdiness behind the Exodus engine.

    I’m still trying to decide between signing up with you and Exodus or Petra’s Picks service.

    “Tranquil Trading: “All You Need is 3 Simple Trend Lines”


    Jazz and threats of violence at volume and speed that breaks down human souls to the fragmented pieces of shattered ego more akin to the jostling waste of life that is losers on shark tank and the x fucktor.

    I’d say what I trade to join in but just for today i’m currently more interested in being 15 seconds vague amusement than stared at coldy through narrowed eyes as if I said Steve Martin was relevant figure in the comedy community.

    Good day

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