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With Plunging Yields — DividendFAGS Sop Up Old Man Stocks

You can buy growth and make a fortune. I’d argue that now is not the time to dive headlong into growth, but you won’t listen anyway. I’ve been doing a pick of the day inside Exodus, which is designed to be an overnight hold. Buy in late afternoon, sell in the morning. Yesterday’s pick was AYX — surging 6% today. I sold. You’re welcome.

You will see how much you miss my stock picks here in due time.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you something.

LOOK AT IT. That’s the winning sector today, during yet another melt up. My old man portfolio is up nearly 400bps this week. Why? Because as treasuries plunge, people who vie for income need to find yield, so they swap out of bonds and into high paying dividend stocks. The best dividend stocks are slow growth, high free cash flow, generating machines. REITs, Utes, consumer staples etc.

If you position there now, I’m fairly certain you’ll be set for the summer months, and you’ll even look like a genius if the market should reverse lower and those aforementioned sectors resist the selling hordes — because of their defensive posture.

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  1. numbersgame

    Looks like the “retards” were right, but I guess that’s old news. How much for Exodus again?

    We’ll probably test ATHs while Treasuries continue to hold most of their gains. Easy.

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