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Fly Sellz [sic]: WABC, VLY

I sold short 2,000 [[WABC]] @ $42.60 and 15,000 [[VLY]] @ $14.60.

Disclaimer: If you sell short the above names because of this post, a rival gang in your neighborhood will take over all of the ‘good real estate.’ And, you may lose money.

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  1. Dinosaur Trader

    Incidentally, guys in my office banked on the retracement in WABC on Friday.

    Wild moves.


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  2. BPOE

    [Remember way back when] The Fly said the Dow was going to 9500. People thought he was kidding then. Trade the tape you don’t have time to be smart right now. Only stupid people with oversize balls make big money in this Market action.

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