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Asshat of the Week Award: Jordan Greenhall


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jordan Greenhall, CEO of DIVX, is my enemy. This man tried to assassinate me, last night, with his fucked up earnings and retarded stock.

Owning DIVX is equal to eating at “The Fly’s” local Chinese restaurant, where the Phoenix dish (a lobster dish if you will) comes without “robster,” because that shit is too expensive.

Where are the fucking earnings Jordan? You forgot to put the earnings in the earnings report– you stupid bastard.

I wouldn’t want to throw small hand axes at Jordan’s face (not his real face, a photo) if DIVX just missed the quarter. This man fucking guided up, two weeks ago. He said business was flippin’ great– and everyone piled into his stock.

Luckily for “The Fly,” I had a chance to cash in some chips at $23, but not enough.

Trust me when I say, if it wasn’t for BWLD skinning the shorts alive today (major position of “The Fly”), I’d dispatch several internet laser beams, effectively destroying DIVX‘s bullshit website.

In short, unlike my local Chinese restaurant, where the owner demonstrates why he is true master, selling “robster” dishes, minus the “robster,” Jordan is just a plain ole’ vanilla gay asshat.

Hence, I give him the “Asshat of the Week Award.”

NOTE:The Ducati” was right.

Congrats, dick.

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