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Asshat of the Week Award: Bob Pisani


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Come on, if Bob didn’t get one of these bad boy’s, the “Asshat Award” would be rendered pointless– considering Bob is fucking King of the Asshats and all.

Bob gets the award for walking around on the NYSE, while saying all sorts of retarded things.

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  1. AdmChesterMynutz

    Nobody talks to Bob. Do you remember last year when President Bush visited the floor and Bob was trying to get a question to him? Loved it when the floor traders pushed him out of the way and he didn’t even get to say hello.

    Bob has got a story for everything. Can you imagine him at a cocktail party big timing everyone about his floor activities?

    Does anyone know whether Bob and Dr. Drew Pinsky are related?

    Bottom line is that Pisani is the Uber Ass Hat.

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