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Asshat Award: Eric “the oil barrel” Bolling

As I watched CNBC’s “Fast Money” last night, I nearly choked on the potato chip I was eating, when Eric “the oil Barrel” Bolling recommended to his viewers to sell short GOOG because he fucking dreamed it was down 70 points.


Come on. Upon hearing this “asshattery,” I knew GOOG would fucking ramp– immediately. Look at the stock, asshat, it’s up 9 bucks.

To make matters worse, “oil barrel” exclaimed: one of his buddies had a dream about GOOG being down big too. Which, in his head, fortified his newly founded bearish position on the stock.

I must say, of all the fucktarded things I’ve encountered on Wall Street, this tops them all.

This man must be eating hallucinatory mushrooms, prior to having such asshat dreams.

In short, making recommendation to millions of CNBC-tards, based upon a dream, gets an immediate “Emergency Asshat Award.”


UPDATE: GOOG now up $12.

UPDATE II: GOOG now up $14.

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