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ASSHAT AWARD: Peter Schiff


Friday, August 17, 2007

This man just went on CNBC and declared “The Great Depression, part 2” is coming to America, with all its lovely trimmings, such as high unemployment, collapse of the U.S. dollar, banks going out of business and interest rates to 20%.

To make matters worse, he believes, despite the world’s largest market going offline and its people becoming “poor,” the rest of the world will get “rich.” Hence, he is buying foreign stocks.


Har, har, har. Robster too expensive.

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  1. MarketRaider

    Oh no you did not asshat my man Peter.

    Had you taken the time to watch the plethora of Peter videos on youtube (I am of course assuming you haven’t and if you have, well fuck you anyways) you would have seen all the asshats who tried to make fun of him and make him out to be an asshat only to be proven to be mega asshats themselves later. This man has a habit of being terminally correct. He wields the Homo Hammer mightily and smites those who oppose him (thus far at least).

    By the way congrats on the new site, I almost got a tear in my eye when you said you were quitting blogging. Although I am still trying to figure out if it was a tear of sorrow or joy.

    P.S. I move to elect you an asshat of the week for going long CFC.

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  2. T Munny

    “…collapse of the U.S. dollar, banks going out of business…”

    And what’s your point? The asshat still seems to be on target.

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