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COCA-COLA TO NEW YORKERS: Michael Bloomberg Thinks You’re Stupid

Personally i think New Yorkers are a cut above the rest, but i’m biased. At any rate, while you all cry foul nanny socialist nazi controls, i will agree this is not the right way to go about curbing obesity. However, when a ‘sugary drink’ that is not made from sugar tricks your brain into thinking it is not satisfied it seems almost appropriate.

How many people or New Yorkers know that the brain is tricked by corn syrup creating an addictive response like heroin ?

Furthermore, for $KO to play up to New Yorkers as being smart is just a ploy to push your hazardous product. When i was youger i loved Coca Cola, but then stopped be cause of corn syrup and this:

[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dlheziYWGU 450 300]

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  1. Po Pimp

    One question, when Bloomberg pulls these stunts do New York City citizens get to vote on this shit; or does he just do it on his own?

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      no vote son…but his proposal has to pass in the health department.
      he had another crazy proposal shot down recently by some city council.

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