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KEITH JUROW: Prepare For The Coming Housing Collapse

“Editor’s Note: Keith Jurow has been posting articles regularly for the past two years on BUSINESS INSIDER. He is the author of Minyanville.com’s Housing Market Report.

jurow housing cartoon

Keith Jurow

After being the only analyst who was spot-on correct in stating for the past two years that there is no housing bottom in sight, it’s time for me to tell you what I see ahead.

Housing pundits are nearly unanimous in declaring that housing markets are showing signs of bottoming. This is nonsense!”

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  1. razorsedge

    thanks for da post. its a scary senario. im prepared, as i listen to leaders around the world trying to cope ,i dont see an easy out. states r going broke and the only answer i hear is more spending. fiat curency only can strech as long as everybody plays nice.

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    will everyone play nice when they are tested ? Somehow i doubt it.

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