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Coming Out From The Furnace

Yesterday I was holding a fever of around 102. Nothing was going to get done. In fact, I just put my head down and didn’t bother trying to get back up until mid afternoon.

Today, I’m around and about, trying to get back into the sway of things.

The mid week report of uranium spot prices was issued yesterday. It details a clear bounce occuring at historical low prices.

This is terrific news. Truthfully, I don’t care of U308 spot prices at all. They don’t fortell profits of uranium miners, which is why I was so undisturbed about buying into CCJ as fearlessly as I have been. But I know that there is a small gathering of market participants who have reasoned out that uranium miners are a good buy here, but are holding out for some sort of catalyst.

This logic makes no sense to me. But a bottom in U308 prices could very well be just the Ouija board needed to coax some real money back into uranium miners.

Should pricing continue to shore up in the uranium spot market, it might convince some of the cowards who most recently evacuated CCJ to rethink their decision.

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