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Gun Drama Is A Distraction From Making Money

RGR prices spiked this morning back above $50, and I have to say my buy from $48 is looking good. I have made big money on every single dip, purchase, accumulation, or wild guess I have made so far in this stock, starting in December.

Then just before noon, the Senate announced cloture of the background check deal and around that time RGR began to settle back down again.

Look, I’m going to be very straight with you. This measure means nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Look where we’re at; this whole debate began with Dianne Feinstein so coked up on how many different makes and models of weapons she’d have free reign to ban, there was almost too many to decide. There was no limit to the damage to be done to gun manufacturers. Private gun ownership was in check.

Where are we now? Record sales and surging background checks later, and they’re trying to decide if they even have the ability to mandate closing loopholes that largely don’t exist on the State level; it remains to be seen whether that’s on every purchase (a measure as damn near a plurality of this country has ever supported), or just a tiny fraction of all gun sales – you know, weapons you buy between 3-6am while standing on your left foot in a gymnasium…or something

This is over. The likes of Piers Morgan are now scraping the bottom of the barrel, desperate not to look like total fools. Because they’re ultimately advocating authoritarian controls here. And the only thing worse than an authoritarian…is an ineffectual authoritarian.

I told you months ago that B. Obama would hang himself in his own eagerness. The man who began his first term parading historians in front of himself, pridefully seaking to cement his legacy for the ages, has now managed to choke off his second term before accomplishing anything. He made the cardinal error. Democrats have zero leeway to get dragged into the gun debate, because more than half the country doesn’t trust them with it.

Game. Match.

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Gun Frenzy Won’t Slow Down

The most popular (and esoteric) argument for gun stocks being overpriced seems based largely on a riddle that goes something like this:

“You tell me, what happens when gun legislation passes and the buyers realize everything will be okay?”

Which is lovely. I enjoy riddles. And word games. And the works of Nabokov. But this isn’t about playful respite; this is about making money and being right. It becomes my duty, therefore, to thrash you.

I now present three illuminating bullets (I just proofread this and realized I made a pun):

* Stocks like RGR are only trading where they were before sales went crazy
* This legislation will not be hindering gun makers – background checks are perfectly doable because they will most likely have maximum waiting periods attached (1 month or less or else all clear); that’s a minimum to get the measure through the House (if anything even can)
* And, the big shebang…RGR hasn’t raised gun prices and I’m not sure the others have either

Yeah, see that’s the big open secret here. Guns are selling out of stock, but RGR’s CEO was adamant that his company would not be raising prices because, as he phrased it, “gun buyers as a group have long collective memories.” He doesn’t want to prey off his customer base, so RGR hasn’t raised weapons prices at all.

Ergo, once this bill passes and people go “oh, wait, that’s not so bad,” there will be no price incentive for them to cancel their order (“I could sit back and wait for prices to calm down…”). That, right there, isn’t happening. The guns that have been jumping in price are private sales. So, in RGR’s case (and I suspect the other manufacturers as well), there’s no clear financial edge to back out.

There is, however, still the looming possibility that Republicans could lose more seats (remind me, what is the popularity of the GOP at the moment?)…

(I told you I like riddles too)

And so, I am afraid (I’m not actually afraid) that this robust bounty of profitability RGR and the gun market at large are seeing is very much sustainable for a duration of at least a year (possibly two). While eventually and inevitably these orders will slow down, I really couldn’t care less. You see, the stocks are not pricing in this raw influx of cash, and one solid year of the orders they’re experiencing is the equivalent of several years worth of business, all front loaded and with minimum inventory risk attached.

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I have to commend the gun-reformists on making me and the rest of the “child murderers” rich as fuck. RGR is now well above +20% gains from my bottom-ticking buy in December.

I can only lay the gratitude for this bounty at the feet of Obama, Biden, Piers Morgan, and the city of Chicago. Thanks to their obnoxious paternalism and almost knee jerk grab for the most childishly simplistic solution available, tens of millions of people can’t order firearms fast enough.

This is Chik-fil-A all over again. Those of us who absolutely love pointless rules, poorly worded laws, long discussions to nowhere, and big “cozy feeling” bodies of public aid workers (especially if they have flashy titles) are just determined to “punish” the rest of us with blessings of blow out, “never-been-this-profitable-before” quarters.

I am obliged to accept these “punishments”. Please, “punish” all of my stocks with record sales. For surely I deserve it…

Biden is currently in negotiations with that dreaded lobby group the NRA – which is most definitely not “grassroots”, nor does it represent anyone (perhaps with the one little exception of at least 30 million of the 60+ million gun owners in this country).

Meanwhile, the most recent Gallop poll shows a majority of Americans *shock* still don’t support the assault weapons ban. That’s probably just from the fact that anyone with 5 minutes of free time and an Ethernet connection can conduct enough research to convince themselves that the last one accomplished nothing.

I’m sure such inconveniences will easily be bridged by our hard working, “much much smarter than you”, US press corps – diligently glossing over any story that doesn’t strictly conform to the favored New York City message (don’t own guns, just use the money from your NYSE to hire 35,000 armed police…)

Meanwhile, I wait with anticipation for the next Piers Morgan interview. I’m told this time they intend to drag in an 11 year old girl with tourettes, the tire from an ’04 Stratus, and some road kill for him to show off his amazing debate skills on, in real time of course.

Go get ‘em, Piers…

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Alright, Let’s Talk Some Fucking Gun Control

My twitter stream lit up with NRA criticism today, which was then mostly accentuated by a combination of political pundits, network anchors, and, for some unknowable reason, finance types.

You railed endlessly against the NRA position that, maybe, the real problem is that we filter our kids into defenseless buildings with 25:1 ratios of adolescents to adult supervision. You called them heartless murdering bastards for not recommending the preferred solution to gun violence in America: a magic wand that makes all guns go away.

And what was the one constant attribute you all seem to possess?

You’re all living in New York, NY.

Has it ever dawned on you that you are making recommendations of gun control while literally living on an island? And not just any island, I would add. You live on the most fucking reinforced, police monitored island on the goddamn planet.

Every day, all commuters pass through a handful of highly monitored access points. Every day, one of the most vigilant police forces in the country (who operate not just in NY, but now in secret safe houses across America) performs hundreds of random channel checks on you or people like you without anyone realizing it.

I’m guessing that plays a huge part in New York City’s relatively safe streets; likely more than New York State’s ridiculously unreasonable gun laws do.

With 300 million some odd weapons in circulation, where else in the US do you plan on implementing these awesome gun control policies? I’d be very interested to hear the answer to that; particularly from Mayor Bloomberg.

You could use New York City’s variety of gun control in one other state, maybe…Florida. Build a fucking wall of security and box it off. Possibly Michigan, I guess, if you promise we can double the wall as a precaution to keep those asshole Ohioans out.

And one other thing; explain to me how any of the suggestions I’ve heard about limiting gun sales and taking guns off the market changes the fact that there are 300 million weapons in circulation today.

If you banned all the semi-automatic weapons in America, this 20 year old psycopath’s mom still would have had one. He still would have taken it and shot her. And the school would still have been completely unguarded for him to waltz in and snuff those 20 defenseless kids out at near-point blank range.

The teachers, completely restricted from carrying any form of personal protection (don’t give me that bullshit about handing guns to kids, there are no CCL permits available to anyone that young), would still have been shot to death.

So I ask you; what are we supposed to do between banning new sales of these weapons (which is the ONLY suggestion, even coming from Feinstein) and the time when the last of those that are in circulation finally breaks down?

Don’t worry, these shootings will stop after we hit the gun manufacturers. In just a hundred years or so…

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