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What A Wonderful Day

I am 70% long, and this is what my day looked like:

BAS +12.61%
CCJ +7.56%
HCLP +3.42%
ALDW +1.99%
VOC +1.76%
TIS +1.48%
OMAB +0.70%

It’s difficult to scoff at a day like that.

Yes I am still down from 2014. I have no desire to hide behind spin. 2014 was a horrible year. But as I said to those of you asking why I was still hanging around BAS, it was because BAS had 100% of upside…at least. And now here we are, closing in on $10 from $5.

I like all on the list. I’ve carefully vetted these positions and wouldn’t it be something if it was these same positions that ultimately redeemed me? I’m not wedded to the thought (for fear it will kill me) but it’s certainly quite possible.

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  2. gorby

    I could not be happier for you.

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