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HCLP Up Another 4% Today

Just felt you should know HCLP is continuing its run this morning…

Not much else happening though. Silver just took a second blow to the knee, and CCJ is circling the drain.

The CCJ melancholy is a three year recurring melodrama of such bad performance, I’d get up and leave my box if I didn’t own the theatre.

This is a part of the dance, which plays itself out over and over and over again.

Dispair at the state of nuclear power mixed with cowardly shareholders causes a thirty percent flush out, from which data releases eventually overcome and show to be unfounded, until optimism for a resolution of the nuclear energy concerns pushes us back to the top of the range from where the whole, trashy show can get started again.

Burlesque variety of performances have better plot lines than this…

The last round of CCJ earningst that were released showed that realized prices for CCJ’s uranium actually increased year over year, at the same time “market prices” plunged from $50 per lb to the $36 price they command today.

Until I see some data suggesting that Cameco is actually being affected by the doldrums of the rest of the nuclear energy sector, I have no reason to take any of this seriously.

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A Few Thoughts On Silver (And I Guess Gold)

There is quite an enigma going on here in the silver market. The price is around $23 an ounce, yet when I go out looking for actual silver to buy, funny enough…there isn’t any available. If you can find it, it was going for $28 minimum a few days ago.

Would someone care to clue me in on the secret here?

I’ve got two theories myself, one of which must triumph over the other:

1) Silver demand is enormous, and pricing has been artificially pushed way too low, probably through the paper markets. If you sell, you’re a sucker, because the well connected are front running the blood (they probably helped make) to rob you in broad daylight. More importantly, small time players are not invited to buy here – You’d better be dropping $10K allotments or piss off.

2) PM brokers are in deep. They ventured outside of the normal safety of the bid/ask spread, taking on larger than life long positions in a way that would make Jon Corzine blush, and now that pricing has collapsed they can’t afford to sell at the lower pricing, so they’re waiting out praying some put orders come along the line while yanking their own inventory off the market.

Either one of these could explain why, just a few months ago, I could literally shower myself with silver bullion, but now can’t find anything smaller than 100 ounce bars.

A healthy silver market should have lots of smaller denominations available for purchase. The lack of all small ounces for sale seems relevant. A large move will be coming, and I’m betting either silver prices make a total recovery, or you’re going to see a lot of these silver and gold prop shops that sprung up everywhere since 2009 get incinerated.

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