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I closed out the SKUL trade down a fraction of a percent – a wash.

The squeeze I was looking for sort of happened, but I thought I could get more out of it than 10%. Now, I have nothing.

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SKUL Strategy

I will continue to hold long SKUL going into their November 1 earnings announcement, but not through.

I have conducted only narrow due diligence on the name, which amounts to going “yep, they have enough cash to not go bankrupt anytime this year.”

I have no interest in owning a headphones maker.

This stock is purely for the squeeze. And that squeeze is going to intensify going into earnings, as nervous shorts realize that at current trading volumes, it could take the better part of one month to unwind the stocks entire short position.

The shorts are the ones who must respect earnings. Not I.

As for the earnings themselves; I’m not interested in them.

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Meanwhile, In SKUL…

Look, I don’t want to talk about today, and especially not BAS which is ground zero for this selloff.

I don’t see how revenue downgrades are news. BAS already said they expected revenues to contract by at least as much as the market seems to be fretting over. This was on the table months ago. You’re only just now realizing it if you’ve had your head up your ass.

I’d much rather focus on the promising move in SKUL, which is preparing for an EPIC short squeeze.

It’s Christmas time…

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Bought SKUL

I added a 5% position in SKUL for $12.83, taking my cash down to 20%.

Just a trade – I’m not taking losses greater than 10%

Positions: AEC, CLP, CCJ, BAS, SKUL, silver

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