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The Plague Has Taken Me

I spent today curdled in a pool of sweat, as God struck me down for outstripping Abel in every possible way.

My throat had been bothering me a little on the return flight. Today, it struck in full force, like an assassin. I hurdled in the corner of my office shivering for warmth, beneath my desk.

But, lo, as I peaked out from under my harbor, I caught a sight most wonderful. All of my positions are up an enormous amount, with the sole exception being silver. I ended the day up 1%.

After hours, silver is running back up – 5000 oz bars are going for over $34 again. An ounce is going for $33.

I will say this once more. The age of Cameco lagging is coming to an end. As it blossoms, so too will my wealth. All time highs are just around the corner, friends.

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  1. Woodshedder

    Hope you feel better brotha!

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  2. Mr. Cain Thaler

    I now know how badly I was feeling Monday.

    I keep asking, “curdled?”

    “What the hell is ‘curdled’?”

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