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I Have Decided to Choose a Side

All of this waffling has me sick to my stomach. I took most of the day off to reflect upon the drinks I had last night and also about markets. I am rarely if ever free from thinking about them. I dream about them nearly every single night, so lucid that at times I wake up and was unsure if it was real or not.

On most night, however, I have nightmares of the frightful sort.

At any rate, today did it for me. The melt up we are boring witness to in many areas of the market, coupled with the weakness of oil, leads me to believe the bull market is back and this time I will not quit on it.

If the market pulls in on Monday, as some bull markets tend to do on occasion, I will remain steadfast against the waves and remain stoic. I will of course adhere to proper risk management but the idea I am trying to convey is that my mind has been flushed of the bearish elements and I am now, officially, a bull.

Most likely, you will, again, take this blog as affirmation of a top and attempt to ridicule me for flippe flopping. Know this, I will find you and skin you alive, so be careful about getting on my wrong side.

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  1. donnie wads

    Watch out for jobs vol tomorrow.

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