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Who Will Stop It?

I was tempted to close out my 15% SQQQ numerous times this morning but just couldn’t pull the trigger. It’s like a safety blanket for me, since I’m 100% long with picks exclusively from Stocklabs. With those picks, I’m up 1.6% today and if being honest here, I’m quite happy with myself. The pressure to scrounge to look for money grubbing ideas has been eliminated. The system has proven to be reliable and with my Intra day trades and overnight hedges, it’s very possible that I’m on the cusp of glory and attaining a high quality existence.

As for markets, we all pray for its downfall. But who are we kidding? The son of a bitch is strong and is bouncing today, so watch out if you’re net short.

Oil is up. Tech is strong etc.

Markets dipped at open and now straight the fuck up. Sound familiar?

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  1. juice

    Cheers Flea .. glad your new system is kicking butt

    rally into Tuesday CPI & then get outta dodge

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  2. john galt

    Beautiful thing to see it working!

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