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About an hour ago I took a 10% position in TZA, just so that I could partake in the Friday doom to come. There are rumors of panic regarding the NEW MONKEYPOX scourge hitting throughout the world. I’ve been known to dabble from time to time with issues of the conspiratorial nature. I did not see the Monkeypox coming but can tell you with 99.9% certainty — it is being afflicted on purpose.

But that’s neither here or there. Trust the science you stupid piece of shits and get yourself a nice new pox jab, otherwise your face will be covered in pox and your wife is gonna hate you for it. You do know they leave permanent scars?

At any rate: Friday is here and the collapse is now. But we also have smallpox stocks to play: SIGA, CMRX, TNXP, EBS, NNVC. There will be more, providing the pox spreads fast and big phara thinks there is money to be had.

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  1. john galt

    Monkeypox lol, imagine what Elon will have to deal with moving forward. I don’t partake in rigged, rug pulls are not for me, you keep the smoke and mirrors to yourself.

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