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Nothing can stop us now. It appeared like there was some apprehension heading into the ass end of last week. Let me assuage your concerns presently. We have bottomed, for now, and have nothing but green fields ahead. Feel free to remove your clothes and run the fields nakedly, without a concern in the world.

I am up by around 80bps and would like to be up a lot more. Therefore, and this goes without saying, I bought more. I could’ve just stayed in cash after this morning’s sales and feel wonderful amidst splendor and gains, safe in the bosom of cash. Alas, I greedily and hastily prepared buy orders in new stocks for new adventures — because my mind wandered off into the wilderness of grandiosity and made me believe in hope without change.

Overall, markets are somewhat flaccid and cryptos have reached out from the grave with signs of life. I am eternally optimistic about my fortunes, therefore I come here to talk my book and hope that me writing these things can manifest into reality.

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  1. juice

    you stole that hope without change™ from the Obaminator!

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  2. metalleg

    Welcome back from the dead. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in NY, the birds are chirping, the dogs are barking, and lunch will be served shortly.

    What’s not to be thankful for?

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