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I’ve Been Trading Shit Stocks For Some Time Now

I am 13 for my last 13. Although reticent and extremely careful not to be wholly in, I’ve been trading piece of shit stocks for some time now. I’ve established quite the comfort zone in the stocks of ill repute, the underbelly of capitalism. They are neither here or there. They aren’t real or fake — just emotion running wild.

EB +7%
SOXS +1.5% x3
VTIQ +9.2%
MARK +5.5%
RVLV +7.6%
ZFGN +24.4%
ZIOP +4.1%
SONO +1.8%
HTBX +9.7%
ORGS +3.6%
LK +16.1%

The last one I just took 15 mins ago in Exodus and kicked it out for a spectacular gain. Don’t envy me just yet. As I write this I am getting ready to visit the fucking BENZ dealership for another $3k fix and my fridge and dishwasher broke last week, as I am cursed in all manners except stocks. This is the way the Gods tease me. I am nothing but a blunt instrument for finance, and perhaps blogging. Other than that, I lost my hair when I was in my early 30s.

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  1. purdy

    qs, ibb, xlv, xlk, igv all being sold into this spaz higher.

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  2. roguewave

    If that were a stock, would you buy it today? …

    In the long run, it’s near impossible to make up for faulty design.

    In French la citron
    Spanish el limon

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  3. rigged game

    Fly, not too many people give a shit about your trading.
    Give some REASONS why you buy or sell things. So you
    make money on weird trades. Whoopee. We don’t care.

    We being me and my yard chipmunks.

    We do enjoy your skillful writing though.

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